MAS raises its gaming with Play Up

MAS raises its gaming with Play Up

Media Action Sports is appointed as consultant for PlayUp in Spain, an interactive social sport gaming platform that has reached great success across Australia, Canada, India, Japan and the UK.

PlayUp apply a unique vision of the sports world future, with mobile being at the heart of an “interconnected” era in football and sports entertainment.

MAS is helping in the developing of a strategic and media planning, building partnerships with local rights holders and leagues, analysing the legal frame work, as well as finding the right localisation for PlayUp products and services.

The launch of PlayUp in Spain will likely be in the first quarter of 2012, in a market, which is the second country in Europe with highest percentage of ‘smartphones’ users, with over 10 million smartphones operating in Spain, a 43.2% penetration.

Asked about PlayUp, Media Action Sports CEO, Juanjo Marquez: “ As a sports media agency you always have to try to work with companies that have a unique product and technology, PlayUp is one of those, but it is also a project that fits in perfectly with the current trend in the market… and with our know-how. We are really happy to help the company launch in Spain and hopefully make it grow over the coming years.”