SUM will open a Sport News Service in the US

SUM will open a Sport News Service in the US

A customize sport news service will see the light in the US.

SUM NEWS will be the name of the corporation that aims to serve the European and USA broadcasters with personalised sport news items. The coverage and follow up of European atheletes during their US season, will be the main focus of production, mainly targeting Basketball, Golf and Tennis competitions, but also covering any sports news-worthy events.

SUM NEWS will start providing "network branded" bespoke production services to TV stations in Spain after the Olympics.

The founder of Media Action Sports, Juanjo Marquez, will be personally openning the brand new offices of SUM NEWS in Miami later this year. Asked about the new venture: "Networks want to generate news content from their national stars participating in US events and professional leagues, SUM should become a production team and a tool for all sports news desk which require customize production resources in the US"

Major US leagues will be also a target for SUM, as the NBA, MLS, NFL or the NCAA competitions have an important repercusion on the news every week anywhere in the world.

Additionally, TVE has confirmed further negotiations to broadcast the Spanish men's and women's pre-tournament warmups ahead of EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia and the 2014 FIBA World Cup in Spain, as well as a weekly game from the Liga Femenina and the Adecco Oro (Spanish Men 2nd Division) and the final of the Copa de la Reina de baloncesto, the Copa del Principe and all youth team finals.

The service will count with a large network of production affiliates through the US, and will deliver their products using both online and satellite platforms.