MAS and FEB Spanish Basketball Federation sign exclusive deal

MAS and FEB Spanish Basketball Federation sign exclusive deal

MAS will represent exclusively all audiovisual rights for the National Basketball Federation of Spain (FEB) until 2014. In an agreement signed today in Madrid, MAS has committed to develop audiovisual content, overview sponsorship and provide TV rights distribution services to the FEB for the next three years.

Media Action Sports is in talks with different venues, national tennis federations, academies and organisers to go one step further in the development of this "classic" tennis tournament.

The National team lead by world recognized names such as Pau Gasol, Rudy Fernandez, J. C. Navarro or Jose M. Calderon have won a World Championship title, a silver medal at the Olympics and an European crown in the last five years.

MAS task is to reach a new agreement in Spain for the next package of rights, as well as distribution the annual summer tour of the National Team, which play in Spain every year between seven to ten games with top basketball nations including: USA, Lithuania, Brazil, France or Argentina.

FEB has also the intention of launching new events, TV and media content from next spring onwards, which will promote the 2014 World Championships of Basketball to be held in Spain.