About MAS

Media Action Sports (MAS) is a Sports Marketing and Media Distribution Agency, specializing in the identification and exploitation of commercial opportunities for our clients, which include International Sporting Events, Media Agencies, Federations, Content Producers, OTT platforms and Television Networks. Our expertise in delivering global and targeted exposure for international brands has gone from the creation of sporting events, designing their media planning, sponsorship solutions and strategic marketing, to generating content for worldwide media distribution.

Adapting our clients vision and strategy to an ever changing sports media & digital entertainment marketplace.

Guiding OTT ventures to master customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Advising on M&A, equity and structures finance solution for the sport media industry.

Applying our IP rights expertise to the global sport market: OTT Platforms, Social Media, Sport Councils, Investors, Global Brands, Gaming Industry, Consulting Groups, Sporting Events, Media Agencies, Rights Holders and traditional TV Networks.

Our team is focused on:

  • Improving the financial discipline, operational excellence, proper business planning, data-driven decision-making, customer satisfaction and professional management, that strengthen the sport industry.
  • Advising global sport agencies on strategy and bringing investors to their doorstep.
  • Consulting for governments on sports asset management: Target Operating Model.
  • OTT Adviser for Leagues and Federations
  • Brand Strategic Development
  • Creating digital strategic planning.

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  • 2100 Salzedo Street
    Coral Gables, Miami, USA
  • Phone:
    +1 (561) 287-9187

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